More Red Blok Thoughts

I keep forgetting rules that my units have.  Must, must keep that from happening.

  • Tymofieva’s Interference rule (when she activates, I pick a card in my opponent’s sequence and put it somewhere else).  It’s not amazing or anything, but when I’m paying for it, I should use it.
  • Vrachov’s Grenade Pistol.  He doesn’t have an Assault Rifle like the other Krasnye he rolls with; he’s got a mini-grenade launcher.
  • Odin O-1 & Manon O-2’s Mechanic ability.  They get to repair two boxes per activation.
  • Assault Rifles are 1/1.  Not 1/0.  That’s kind of freaking important.

I also can’t shake the feeling that we’re not doing cover right.  It seems like I should be basking in the warm glow of cover saves a lot more often than I actually am; last night we used Frostbite maps, and it wasn’t really happening.  I think it’s probably because we’re not correctly establishing the Zone of Fire.

Type 3 Infantry is very hard to take down.  I was unprepared for this.  Chris’ Cog Type 3’s were functionally invincible, and my Dragomirov Kolossi were awfully resilient until Bane Goliath’s opened up on them.

I’ve been unimpressed with my Dragonov Kommandos.  Sniper doesn’t work on heroes, apparently?  Electronic Warfare is useful, but no so much that I’m not sure I can’t get more mileage out of some other unit in that slot.

Still, I’ve hardly played any actual games.  More play will tell me more.