Rapid Fire 2010

In March, Matt Hoell and I pulled off a 40K tournament idea I’d had bouncing around in my head for the better part of the year.  It was very, very successful: everyone had a good time (which is all that truly matters).

Not only that, the IFL went on to adapt it to Fantasy and run both the 40K and Fantasy version at Games Day Baltimore (where it was very well received) and the GW Sugarland store ran their own version just last month.

Well, we’re going to run it again, in January.  I’m really hoping to make it an annual thing.  So, if you’re within driving distance of The Game Vault in Fredericksburg, VA, you should come!  It’ll be fun!   (You can sign up here.)

Rapid Fire 40k Tournament

When: 1/23/10
Where: The Game Vault, Fredericksburg, VA

Set up and registration: 10am-11am
Start time session 1: 11am
Lunch break: 1:30pm
Start time session 2: 2:30pm
All games end at 6pm
Awards: 6:30pm

Entry fee: $10 (100% of entry fees will go for awards.)

35 spots available.


The goal is to try to play quickly.

There will be an odd number of players for this tournament. Players pair off, in order of sign-in, for the first game, with the extra, last-to-sign-in player “on deck.”

As soon as a game finishes, the player on deck challenges the Defender and the loser goes on deck.  If the Defender’s won three games in a row, the Challenger remains on the table, and the Defender goes on deck.  In case of a tie, the Challenger remains on the table.

Fully painted armies will receive one re-roll on any single die roll per game(this includes everything from the roll for mission, who deploys first all the way to extra turns).  Any single die roll.

Army Composition:

  • 500 points
  • 1+ Troops Slots
  • 0-1 HQ Slot
  • 0-1 Elite, Fast Attack, and Heavy Support Slot
  • No model with 3+ wounds
  • No 2+ Saves
  • No vehicles with a total Front + Side + Rear > 33
  • No ordnance
  • No Imperial Assassins
  • No more than 2 vehicles

No unit is mandatory, save the single Troops choice. This means, for example, Kroot Mercs do not have to take shapers.  If it says “1+” ignore it!

Game Structure:

  1. Both players roll for their mission
  2. Defender rolls for deployment
  3. Play the game!
  4. Loser reports game, Winner waits for new Challenger

Games are played on a 4″x4″ mat.


Each player rolls once on the following table.

Seize Ground
As the standard Seize Ground mission, except players place d3 objectives on the table.  Challenger places first.
If your opponent rolls King of the Hill, one objective must go in the center of the table; one of your opponent’s if possible.
If you control more objectives than your opponent, you’ve succeeded in your mission.
King of the Hill
As the standard Capture and Control mission, except there is only one objective, placed in the center of the table.
If you control the center objective, you’ve succeeded in your mission.
At the end of the game each player calculates the value of every model in their opponent’s army killed or removed from the game for any reason (Deep Strike Mishap, Gets Hot, etc).
For simplicity’s sake, each member of a unit is worth an equal portion of that unit’s cost.  Discard any fractions, please.
If you have more VP’s than your opponent, you’ve succeeded in your mission.


Roll for Deployment as per 40K Rulebook.


If one player has succeeded, and the other has failed, that player has won the game.
If both players have succeeded or failed in their mission, the game is a draw.

Your Score
Opponent’s Score

The person who plays the most games will be given 15 bonus battle points.

Winning streaks are calculated based on the players succeeding in their mission, not games at the table.


  • Most Battle Points
  • Longest Winning Streak
  • Best Painted Army
  • Best conversion or Best Themed 

Ties will broken by Number of Games, then Winning Streak length.  If ties cannot be broken, the prize will be split.