Warpstone Pile – 3 Years Old!

Image courtesy of TurboPhoto

Today, WarpstonePile’s three years old!

It feels like it’s been a lot longer than that; not sure why.

I suppose I could get into a breakdown of what each year’s looked like in terms of content, and how it’s evolved over the past year… but that’s basically what my Year In Review posts are, and one of those a year is self-indulgent enough.

So, instead, I figured I’d 1) acknowledge the milestone and then 2) actually post (since March has been a bad month for that).

I’d started these guys before the new paints were announced, and I’ve decided to go ahead and finish them.  When they’re done, I’ll have 20 (well, 21) painted Halberdiers… and a decision to make in regards to proceeding with my current paint scheme or picking up some of the new paints and seeing what results I get with those.  I’m early enough in painting this army that it’s not too painful to change my approach.

I don’t expect to have too many problems finding a comparable look with the new paints, but it’s better to evaluate it now, before I get too much further into the army.

Speaking of painting the Empire army: I also need to stop and reevaluate where I’m going when the new book comes out next week.  I’m pretty excited about it, but I’ve no doubt I’m going to have to build to a new list.

Finally, I’ve gotten around to making some progress on replacing the Google Spreadsheet for tracking hobby progress.  The DB’s setup, the interface with the DB’s in place, and I’ve got a charting approach sorted out (using HighCharts).  There’s more charting to be sorted, for sure, and I’ve got to figure out how exactly I want to handle data entry and authentication… but progress is progress.  I come from a .NET background but have Unix hosting, so there’s a lot of relearning how to do things that should be pretty basic, which slows things down but is growth.

More than anything, I’m looking forward to the dust clearing with my job and having enough time to get out and actually play with my toy soldiers.