20120316 Status Update

I’ve gotten bogged down on painting the next batch of 5 Halberdiers… but I’m nearly done.  Should be just some Devlan Mud on a few bits, some static grass and the sides of the bases before this group is ready for the Dullcote.

An astute observer might notice that (most) of them are inverted from the last set I did: yellow tops, blue bottoms instead of blue tops and yellow bottoms.  I’m going to try to get something of an even distribution: sticking with the same color scheme, but distributing it differently.  One of the above Halberdier is halved: there will be a mess of those, and probably a good number of quartered troops as well.

When these suckers are done, I’ll take some better pictures of them.  I hope you guys like pictures of dudes with crazy facial hair, pajamas and halberds: it’s about all you’re going to get outta me for the next several months.

In other news, Casey‘s helping me unload all of the LotR Fallen Realms stuff I’ve had collecting dust in the closet.  He’s been a huge help! (And he’s been posting to his blog with a frequency that shames me, so you should check him out.  FYI.)

Finally, looking ahead to the summer, I e-mailed the Quake City Rumble guys my list to get an idea of how it would comp out on the West Coast: it’s distant enough that I don’t want to make assumptions (and one of my opponents at Blob’s Park kept saying things like, “I was excited about playing [on the East Coast], ’cause you guys don’t care about comp…”).

The response was that it would be comp’d low (but not bullshit low), but that I shouldn’t sweat it because “the average list got slightly over a 1 on average from each comp judge.”  While that says to me the scoring system could use a bit of tweaking (which apparently it’s already gotten: they’re on a .5 scale, now) the key take away was “the couple points you might gain changing the list probably isn’t worth the headache.”

That was precisely what I wanted to hear.  I don’t want to take a BS list, but I don’t want to have to change my list substantially: I’ve got piles of Halberdiers I need to be painting.