40K Black Ops – Models


Although a bajillion other scenarios have popped off (Stormtroopers assaulting a Kroot encampment! Cultists infiltrating a Militarum base!  Goddamn Space Marine!  Just one!), my initial plan was to do Stormtroopers vs. Cultists.

I got a bunch of cultists back in the Dark Vengeance box and, even when I traded away the rest of the Chaos models, I hung onto them because they’re cool and they’re the sort of model I’d like to have around painted.  Obviously, it took me a bit to get to them.cultists-group





They’re definitely Chaos-y, but maybe not so specific I can’t use them for whatever.

I was really excited about painting up some Stormtroopers.  I’ve been into the models since they came out, but haven’t had an excuse to paint them up.  Because they’re supposed to be stealthy, I used the same paint scheme for them that I used on the Deadzone Pathfinders I painted up a few months ago, and I’m nuts for it.  It’s black without being black, which is always the problem with painting things black, you know?



I also used some of the Mantic Peacekeeper shields because, well, I thought they deserved some riot shields.