Painting Progress – 20100224

I got a lot done over the weekend but, thanks to training, I’ve gotten nothing done this week.  Fortunately, that means I’m actually pretty much on schedule (yay!) instead of somewhat ahead of schedule (boo!).

I stuck the wings on the rest of my Daemon Princes, and did the greenstuff gap filling on them.  In retrospect, I’m really glad I did this with resin wings: I was able to reshape the wings to better fit the backs of the minotaurs in ways I simply couldn’t have with plastic or metal wings.
I also based the Daemon Princes, and put Rubber Steel on their bases, as well as Karanak’s.
Spent the bulk of the weekend powering through the Bloodthirsters.  If I’d been able to finish them, I’d be a week ahead (I expected it would take me two weeks to paint both of them, instead of just the one).  I’m close: I need to do a couple of details here and there, as well as do the flesh highlighting on their wings (non-trivial), and that’s it.  Pics when they’re done (maybe Friday, I hope).
On another note, Jay and Bill, have started up a hobby gaming podcast.  If you’re into that sort of thing, you should certainly give it a listen.