Painting Progress – 20100425

I’ve been quiet ’round these parts for the same reason I haven’t really done much of a damn thing, hobby-wise, over the past week: I’ve been resting up post-surgery.

In a perfect world, being around the house for a week would equal immense hobby progress.  Not so; I’m so tuckered out, a stab at some highlighting late last week resulted in exhaustion and vertigo.  I hope that passes quickly this coming week: I’ve got to finish these f’ing Sternguard, you know?
I did take a pair of WIP photos the other day.  They’re a bit farther along than these, but not by much.
This first one is of the guys I’ve been working on.  The weapons, straps, parchment and purity seals need doing, but that’s about it.  Bases, too, of course. Less than a day’s work when I’m up to it.
These are the guys that still need starting.  They’ve been basecoated, but that’s all.  I need to go back and do a bit of sculpting on one: a shoulder pad has… been messed up.  Other than that, I expect they’ll cruise once I get to them.
Using the same color scheme Mark uses on his guys, for obvious reasons, but I’m trying to put a lot of skill into implementing it.  
For example, he basecoats Knarloc Green, dry brushes Camo Green and wraps things up with a Thraka Green wash.  The result is good.  I’m basecoating Knarloc Green, then rocking out an edge highlight of 50/50 Thraka Green and Camo Green thinned with matte medium and a thinner edge highlight of pure Camo Green before washing over things with a Devlan Mud / Thraka Green / Badab Black mix (the proportions of which are written down somewhere around here).  Debating going back and doing a teeny bit or two of Camo Green highlights on the brightest points.
So, should fit in just fine with his guys while, at the same time, standing out.