Random Update

I’ve been quiet here for the past weeks or so; mostly because I haven’t had much to say.  Instead, I offer you: a monkey riding a goat.

There were a lot of good suggestions re: the number-crunching dump from last week… though I’m not likely to implement any of them.  My spreadsheet-fu isn’t up to the additional levels of calculation required.  I might try throwing it together in a program (since that’s sort of my thing, professionally), I might not.  It’s annoying that I’m a .NET developer by trade, but have a Unix-based webhost for personal use; so sharing anything might be a bit tricky.

I’ve been painting quite a bit: I banged out six Stormvermin what seems ages ago.  Also, I painted another ten Slaves, got started on an additional set of ten, and assembled another ten Clanrats.  I’m trying to stage this stuff to keep things interesting.

Haven’t taken pictures because… my Stormvermin look like my Stormvermin (only based with grey and not grass) and my Slaves look like my Slaves.  Nothing really new to share.

Slightly disappointed by the lack of response to the terrain I built.  I’m quite pleased with it: finally got to pop the cherry on it last Tuesday (and the water features had an enormous impact on the game).  Someone commented that it “looked like tournament terrain.”  I’m sure it was meant as a compliment, so I’m happy to take it as such.

I picked up Space Hulk: Death Angel at Games Day.  Late last week, I muddled through a solitaire game, trying to get a feel for how it played.  The game got considerably more brutal every time I got a better grasp on a rule.  No joke: the terminators were obliterating Genestealers as they came on, preventing any of them from having the chance to attack.  As soon as some got through, though, it was a dead terminator a round.  I’m looking forward to playing it with other people, as I expect the game will be even more difficult.  Should be fun.