War of the Ring

While poking around this mess called The Internet, I stumbled across Fear and Loathing on the Tabletop‘s collection of understandings his gaming group had come to for War of the Ring.  I though I’d mention them here. 

I find it interesting/satisfying that his group came to pretty much the same understanding re: the extremely controversial (to understate) Epic Strike interaction with Heroic Duels that several of us (though not all of us) came to.  It’s been a while, but I seem to recall having a different interpretation of how other Epic actions happen, however.

I can’t say that I’ve done much thinking about War of the Ring in the past nine months or so.  Not since getting disgusted with the contradictory, ambiguous rules or ridiculous balance issues.  There’s a neat game there, but those things are just too hard to ignore.
I hope Battlehosts fixes some of that.  If doesn’t, in some way, FAQ those issues (or come at the same time as a FAQ), I suspect that will be the death of the game.  ‘Round my parts, I don’t see much WotR action and what I do see often comes in the context of, “They need to FAQ it.”  If they let the opportunity pass… who knows?
I’d personally love to see some things rebalanced (sorry GW, but Fight is not the same as Courage, and neither are anywhere nearly as key as Defense)… but some clarifications would be a great start.