Wednesday Workbench

Wednesday Workbench 20140122


Just a quick snapshot of what I’m mid-stride on: some Deadzone Rebs (the humans).

I’ve actually gotten a couple of other things done; I just need to photograph them:

Dr. Simmonds got painted up quickly, since I still had my Plague scheme on my mind, and Blaine got started with this bunch (brown coat, see), and ended up getting knocked out along the way.  

I also did the two Rebs Drones, as well as Recon N32-19’s weird little floating thing (despite the fact that I don’t even have the Enforcer models to run Recon N32-19 with). I’m using GW flight stands for them (the stands they come with are garbage), so if I wanted to paint them and their base and not fog up the clear flight stand with Dullcote, it was just easier to hurry up and do them than to partially assemble them and remember to swap this out for that, etc, before varnishing them.

Hopefully, I’ll have these humans done by this time next week, and I’ll start in on a batch of the Yndij, Sorak, and Grogans.  (With the remaining figures going into probably two batches.)

After that, I think I’ll return to working on Saga for a unit or two, as well as endlessly deliberating on what Hell Dorado models to start on.