The Great Skaven Push

by fedezz

I’ve pretty much decided on running Skaven at the NoVA Open (tickets for the Fantasy side of things have not gone on sale, yet).

I’ve been telling myself all year that I’m going to try to get the list that I’d been playing fully painted before doing anything drastic (swapping units, etc) with the army.  This should push me to really drive to make that a reality.

The list I’m planning on running (with room for some mild tweaking: item swaps, an extra couple of bodies– but not more than that):

Ratputin Rampages – NoVA

Lords (475)
Grey Seer – Power Scroll, Talisman of Preservation
Warlord (General) – War-Litter, Sword of Swift Slaying, Enchanted Shield

Heroes (436)
Chieftain (BSB) – Armor of Destiny
Plague Priest – Flail, Plague Furnace, Opal Amulet
Warlock Engineer – Doomrocket

Core (625)
Clanrats x30 – Full Command
– Poisoned Wind Mortar
Skavenslaves x52 – Musician, Shield
Stormvermin x19 – Full Command, Storm Banner
– Poisoned Wind Mortar

Special (481)
Plague Monks x30 – Full Command, Plague Banner
Gutter Runners x6 – Poisoned Attacks, Sling
Gutter Runners x6 – Poisoned Attacks, Sling

Rare (475)
Hell Pit Abomination
Warp-Lightning Cannon

The army’s not, done but it’s close.  So very, very close.  I’ve plugged everything I need into the same sort of Excel sheet I used last year to track my progress with my Daemons.  There are some notable differences: I’m using Google Spreadsheets instead of Excel, for one.  Even more significantly, a very large portion of the work ahead will involve rebasing already painted minis: I’ve got a number of models based on generic static grass bases (seen here), but have done all of my newer models in the more interesting, display board friendly, cavern scheme.

So, while I’m 56% done, I’m actually 83% done if you ignore the need to rebase 50 models.  I’d be even farther along, I suppose, but most of the stuff I have left to do are big things: the Abomination, the Furnace, the display board.

Overall, that’s basically:

Small Models to Paint: 9
Large Models to Paint: 2
Banners to Paint: 3
Rebase: 50
Displayboard: 1

Totally doable, right?

I’m going to wrap up what I’ve started with my Deathwing (Belial III, Whirlwind Turrets x2) and I’m going to set back into this.  Wish me luck!