Nob Bikers

Man, these guys are kind of a hassle to build.  They were kind of BS in 5E, but I’m now much more sympathetic to folks who ran them ’cause, dang: kind of a pain.

Wound allocation’s not quite as BS anymore, so there’s not a lot of motivation to build every Nob differently.  I’m liking Big Choppas on them a lot: for +2S for 5 points seems like a solid default choice.  After a few test games, it’s clear I definitely need to run at least one Power Klaw.  A Bosspole seems always worthwhile, and the Waagh! Banner looks really good for price.

Unfortunately, there’s only one Nob Torso in the bike kit, and only one Big Choppa.  A Waagh! Banner is woefully absent from the Warbiker kit, nevermind Painboy bitz.

So, I bitz-ordered some Nob Big Choppas.  Unfortunatey, the two-handed ones… didn’t line up too terribly well with the Nob Biker torso.  Vexing.  So, pinning and green-stuffing happened.

I only got so many of them, though, and had to make use of the Warbike Big Choppa.  I didn’t want the models to look identical, though.  So, sawing, clipping, pinning, and green-stuffing happened.

Similarly, the Painboy: sawed the dude in half, and then (you guessed it): sawing, clipping, pinning, green-stuffing.  the usual.  I clipped off a needle, thinking it was flash (Finecast, etc), so I replaced it with some paperclip.

The Waagh! Banner is from the WHFB Orc Warboss kit.  It seemed like a dang impressive banner that would look cool on a space motorcycle.  Well, it turns out the Orc Warboss is a little weedier than a Nob Biker, because getting the arms to line up on the Nob Biker torso was not easy.  LOTS of pinning, clipping and sculpting.

I ended up pinning and reposing the banner to the pole so it’d flow in the right direction.

The left arm… looks a little weird.  I’ve mitigated that a little bit, I think/hope/pray by widening the pauldron over it.  This’d be easier with a Space Marine, I think.  I don’t think it’ll be too bad when it’s painted.

So, those are the Nob Bikers.  But that’s not all: I knocked out two Dakkajets (one while waiting on election results) with, like, zero trouble.