Warlord on a War-Litter

This.. took a little bit, and it’s really not perfect.  But I’m very glad it’s done.  I’ve had this sucker built for well over a year (incidentally, that page is the one that still gets all the hits).

I had to paint it in sub-assemblies: the Stormvermin carrying the litter, the litter itself, and the Warlord.

The Stormvermin, particularly, were a pain to do: I had to glue them all to the base before priming: it was hard enough lining everything up without having to worry about paint jobs.

Fun fact: this will be the only Skaven character I haven’t stacked on top of some cork or slate.  I’d have loved to, but it’s already deliberately Very Tall and pinning all of these suckers through it would have been a nightmare.

I’m pleased with the Warlord.  He’s not as sharp looking as the other one I did, but he’s definitely good enough.  He’s basically the same model: Stormvermin body with the Fangleader head.  He’s got a regular shield (which is a shame, yesterday I found another one of the same shield I used on the other one… though if I’m realistic it probably wouldn’t have fit).  I gave him Warlord Spinetail‘s sword because he’ll always have some sort of magic weapon on him, and the model should reflect that somehow.

Because that didn’t feel like enough, I also gave him a whip.

I’m so-so on the banner.  The dags on the front look fine.  The ones on the back, not quite as much.  The circle looks sharp, and the rune looks good.  Overall, though, I feel like there needs to be more on there, though.  Banners are a weak spot for me… I’ve got several that I’m still putting off doing.

Since building this sucker, I’ve gone back and forth on actually using it.  I like to keep my characters cheapish, and I’ve debated whether or not I think I get my points’ worth for it.  I’ve finally decided that I do.

For the cost of 5 Stormvermin, it:

  • Functions like 4 Stormvermin… that, if it comes up, participate in his challenge.  This also means that everything else comes at the cost of a single Stormvermin.
  • Gives him +1 Sv.  I like him being harder to kill.
  • Makes him take up four spaces.  This is nice, because I like to put him in my block of Stormvermin, which I keep deliberately small for Watchtower scenarios.  It also does very interesting things in terms of character placement in his unit.  If I drop a caster in the Stormvermin unit with him, the caster cannot go in the front rank.  That’s neat.

So, ultimately, I’ve settled on it because (big picture), it doesn’t cost much for what it does while, at the same time, working very well with the unit I like to stick him in.