Warlock Engineer – Ruby Ring of Ruin

The last mini I had to get ready for this past weekend was a Warlock Engineer with the Ruby Ring of Ruin.

He’s a bit more armored than I’d have liked him, but he’s not too armored.  With Clanrats being so less modular (not complaining), the only base I had to use for a conversion was a Stormvermin.  Fortunately, that kit had the perfect arm: a pointing finger with a big ring.
The head’s a spare from the Doomwheel.  The backpack, obviously, is from the Island of Blood Warlock Engineer.  The arm’s an Ork power klaw; the finished product looks better than I thought it would.  For the heck of it, I stuck a plague censer bearer on there, just to add a bit to the model.

I figure that, if I feel like it, I can run him as a Warlord with a Warlock-Augmented Weapon or something.

Here are the WIPs:

And the final product: