Things I Enjoyed: Feb 2023

Silicon Valley

I just did a rewatch of the whole run of Silicon Valley and it’s still great. As a software developer, I hold the end of Season 1 Middle-Out scene as one of the all-time great comedy scenes ever put to screen.

On the rewatch, I appreciated many more of the callbacks they threw into the show than I did on my initial week-to-week watch as it aired.

Fleishman is in Trouble

This was a challenging but compelling watch. Stressful and sad, it ended on a note that was a little too cute for my tastes, but throughout I just couldn’t look away. I’ll watch anything with Claire Danes in it, and she’s only one of several heavyweights here. Strongly recommended, unless uncomfortable shows about divorce, insecurity, and grief are going to bring you down.

The Rocketeer

Weirdly, I’d never seen it before! I remember it having an outsized presence in Nintendo Power and it being a thing, but I’d never actually watched the movie. Unclear Pod put it on my radar, though, so we rewatched it over the weekend and what a treat! On the back of The Rocketeer, we’re talking about doing a tour through the adventure movies of the 90’s over the next several weekends. I know I’m hot to rewatch The Shadow.

(As great as the film is: I’m glad I didn’t watch it when it came out because that movie opens on Jennifer Connelly rolling a stocking up her thigh… and that absolutely would have impacted the way my pubescent brain was wired.)