I’m normally an easy victim on the Gamer’s or Collector’s Edition of things… so I’m thankful that neither special pack of Apocalypse is the slightest bit interesting to me.

(Though I think they named them wrong: the Gamer’s Apocalypse is much more like the Collector’s version of their other stuff. Their Collector’s Apocalypse is kind of it’s own, weird thing.)

I did notice that they’ve got some Apocalypse bundles up, too: I think they were a key part of Apocalypse’s success the first time around (they all ran along the lines of “Who cares that I can never field 18 Piranha!  I get three of them free!”).  These, of course, meet the new standard for bundling, which is to say that they don’t save you a Sigmar-damned thing besides a few “Add to Cart” clicks. I really wish they’d get over that.