Clan Moulder

I worked up a Clan Moulder list a little while ago.  It’s not a great list, and I didn’t really think it was at the time.  Since then, I’ve tweaked it a good bit, and I’m pretty excited about trying it out.

Skaven – 2250 points

Lords & Heroes
Throt the Unclean
Plague Priest – Lvl 1, Flail, Great Pox Rat
Plague Priest – Lvl 2, Flail, Poisoned Attacks, Great Pox Rat, Dispel Scroll
Plague Priest – Lvl 2, Flail, Poisoned Attacks, Great Pox Rat, Dispel Scroll

Giant Rats x25 – Skweel Gnawtooth, Packmasters x4
Giant Rats x25 – Master Moulder, Shock Prod, Packmasters x4
Giant Rats x26 – Master Moulder, Packmasters x4
Giant Rats x25 – Master Moulder, Packmasters x4
Giant Rats x5 – Packmaster
Giant Rats x5 – Packmaster
Giant Rats x5 – Packmaster
Giant Rats x5 – Packmaster
Rat Ogres x2 – Master Moulder
Rat Ogres x2 – Master Moulder

Hellpit Abomination – Warpstone Spikes
Hellpit Abomination – Warpstone Spikes

Each character goes into a big block of rats.

The Priests are there to add punch to the army.  Static 4 combat resolution is nice, but I think I need to make the units a bit more dangerous.  Plus, I need some amount of magic; with these guys I’ve got 5 Dispel Dice and two Scrolls, which isn’t bad.  I’m also spitting out 7 Casting Dice a turn.  They’re each on Pox Rats so they can keep up; I don’t think it’d be smart to drop the Movement on the bulk of the army down to 5 when one of the advantages of the rats is their speed.

I could accomplish the same thing with Warlock Engineers, but I feel like Plague is a more thematically relevant lore than Ruin.  Plus Engineers don’t contribute much to the punchiness of a unit and none of these units are going to be static, hang-back and shoot units.

Plague Censers are nice, but 1) they’re wholly inappropriate to the theme of the list and 2) are a dumb thing to put in a unit of Toughness 3, non-Pestilens models.

Frenzy could be a problem, but I think I can handle it with the small rat blocks.

I’ve got two Abominations.  Although I don’t think they’re exactly the win button some construe them to be, taking two of them isn’t the sort of thing polite people do.  I think I get a pass because of the theme, however.  They’ll take some fire off of the blocks of troops (or be spared fire because of the blocks of troops).

I’ve got 13 drops across over 150 models.  4 blocks of troops, 4 trash-droppy little units, 2 rank breakers and 2 big nasty mothers.

There’s a lot of room for tweaking here:

  • Drop Thrott.  Take three blocks of slaves to meet minimum Core requirements.  I don’t think he’s a very good character.  That said, when I put 60 slaves on the table, I’ve lost my theme.
  • Drop Poisoned Attacks on the Plague Priests.  If I do that, I can bump the Lvl 1 up to a Lvl 2.
  • Replace the Lvl 1 caster for a BSB.  This is something I’ll probably do after a few games.
  • Drop the blocks of 25 rats to blocks of 20.  25 rats really means 30 models (as 20 rats really means 24 models).  I’m more used to running blocks of 25 models than blocks of 30.  If I did this, I’d have a fifth big block of rats.
  • Rat Ogres?  Huh?  I’ve not been impressed with them so far.  They’re here for theme.  I expect these guys won’t stick around too long.  Currently, I’m assuming that with the blocks and the Abominations, they’ll probably live long enough to do something.
In terms of models:
  • I’ve got… three or four Thrott the Unclean models (2-3 of the old school ones, 1 of the new ones).
  • I’ve got Nurglitch, a Master Moulder (both on Pox Rats) and will proxy the third with the Bonebreaker (since I’m not sure I really want three Priests on Rats).
  • I need to glue 3 more Giant Rats to bases. Set on Rat Ogres.
  • I’ve got to take a look in my tubs to see what the deal is with Packmasters & Master Moulders: I’ve got 16 out and about (19 if I use the ones I’ve got as Musicians in my Slave units), but I’ll need a total of 24.  I’ve got more, but that might be pushing it.
  •  I’ll be picking up Skweel this week.
  • For the Abominations, I’ll be using the one I’ve converted (obviously) and my Screaming Bell for the second one (since I want to buy whatever kit they eventually put out for it).
So, just need buy Skweel and dig up/find/buy 5-8 Packmasters.