Challenge: No New Minis September

You know, before the Quarantimes began, I was in pretty good shape re: having a good backlog to work down and not really planning on picking up many new models.

Then the pandemic hit and two things happened:

1) All of my big Infinity events were (quite rightly) canceled. This just sucked the air out of my enthusiasm for painting for the game. I wrapped up a couple of models early on, but I haven’t really touched them since. My Kaldstrom box is sitting on a stack of boxes, untouched.

2) Games Workshop (quite rightly) closed their warehouse (for what turned out to be a bit over a month, 3/24 to 5/1). I became terrified that, Time Enough at Last, I’d have limitless time to paint models but no models to paint. Literally, I panic-bought an Age of Sigmar army. I panic-bought an Age of Sigmar army.

Once you’re back into the GW ecosphere (and that warehouse is open again), it’s very easy to stay in it. They’re always putting out something cool, and while inevitably that something won’t actually be a good game it’ll be unquestionably fun to paint… and that’s OK when I won’t actually get to play these games and can only engage them from a hobby perspective.

So: doubling down on Adeptus Titanicus. An Age of Sigmar army. All the Blackstone Fortress expansions. A Saga army of Skaven models. A bunch of Necromunda. A 40K army. Aeronautica Imperialis.

And don’t get me wrong: I’ve enjoyed painting this stuff. But I’ve got a healthy backlog now. I don’t see anything I’m really hyped for on the immediate horizon. I’m back to where I was in March, I think.

So, I’m going to try to go all of September without buying a single new mini. Wish me luck.