Mid-August Update

The past two weeks have been busy, first with a trip to visit Mrs. Rushputin’s family in South Texas and then busy with catching up at work from having missed a week. So, understandably, Painting Progress has been slow.

I’ve finished the one Bastion (which I need to photograph), and have gotten most of the way through the second, larger Bastion.

I’d started working on assembling some Bloodcrushers, but that’s been put on hold until a magnet order shows up (possibly today). I’m going to do some experiments with magnetizing the Bloodletters riding the Bloodcrushers because, as someone else has pointed out, there’s really not much in the way of contact points for them. Hopefully some teeny-tiny magnets will help with that.
I’m going to have to figure out how to convert the Bloodletters, too. They all have Hellblades in their right hands, and grip the collar of the Juggernaut with their left. I’ve got to work in a horn on one and an Icon on another.
Something else I plan to fiddle with in the next couple of weeks is assembling some boltgun-toting Dark Angel Veterans. Currently, the only unit of veterans I have are configured for assault; they’re pretty much the only viable non-terminator assault unit in the Dark Angel codex. I’m looking into using the vanilla Space Marine codex, though, for more variety and because I’d like to step back from playing Deathwing and return to playing with Battle Company marines. I’m absolutely going to need some Sternguard veterans when I do that, so it’s time to make some.
I also expect I’ll want to run a Predator. I’ve got one assembled, but unpainted. Of course, I’ve got a half-painted Land Raider I should probably finish first…
On the gaming front, I’m still having a wagonload of fun with my Khornate Daemons. I’ve lost hard and had my teeth kicked in only the once. I’ve walked away from every other game I’ve played feeling like I’ve won… even though I’ve probably drawn twice as many times as I’ve won. That’s entirely because I’ve put up a good fight and have had the draws be extremely close.