It Came from the Lightbox: Sons of Behemat

This is possibly the most precipitous one of these I’ve done. Orcs? Done and sat around for months before photographing. Giants: like only a third done but in the lightbox.

I’m blaming the fact that life kept me from really focusing on the Kraken-Eater, which made finishing him take forever, so I’m eager to just take a break from the project. I’ve got another two Mega-Gargants and four regular Gargants to work on. They’ll be getting different skin tones, so I’ll work on them in a different batch or batches.

Also, these guys were especially frustrating to paint, as they were some of the last models I built before getting new glasses so: so many gaps, so many poorly smoothed/rough spots.

There’s some stuff I’m very pleased with here: I think I did a great job doing volumes on the skin and cloth, and I think I did a good job of adding textures to the surfaces.

The first Gargant I’d painted was specifically intended to go with my Ogres. So I figured I’d paint one to go with my Orcs (I don’t know if that’s actually an option, but whatever). So this guy’s pale and has some LotR Troll bits that make him look a bit more like an Ardboy.