Painting Progress – 20110809

Had an extremely productive weekend, which was refreshing after what’s felt like an extended period of being too busy to do anything.
For starters, I managed to knock out the rebasing of all of my Stormvermin.  That’s several more models than I actually need by the end of the month, but it was easy enough to just power through all of them.

Let the record show that I don’t particularly care for rebasing minis. It’s a little too tedious.  Just as well that, at this point, I really only need to rebase a single model (one Poisoned Wind Mortar) before I’m done with all of that.
I also decided to change things up a bit and knock out all of the movement trays.  I did a total of six: two 100mm x 120mm trays (from Litko), two 200mm x 100mm horde trays and two 5 model skirmish trays (from GF9).  They came together pretty quickly.
I also blew through another six Plague Monks.  (Not pictured because we know what they look like and the varnish was drying on them while I took these pictures.)
Finally, a while back I finally got the chance to play Chaos in the Old World (which is seriously a lot of fun), just about the time the Horned Rat expansion came out.  The components were solid, and I found it cheap on the internet, so I ordered a second copy of it (the expansion, not the whole game) to use for my army.  I’ll probably get around to using the clanrat / cultist tokens as wound counters and the rat ogre / lesser daemon tokens as unit filler at some point.  I had a little free time, though, so I ended up throwing this piece of terrain together using the vermin lord / greater daemon token:

It’s just the token, a round wooden chit to give it a base, and some left over Arcane Ruins.  It’ll probably go on the center of my display board, I think.

At this point, I’m getting near the end of prepping my army… that’s good, ’cause I’m getting a little tired of painting rats.  By my count, all that’s left is:
  • 5x Plague Monks
  • 3x Rat Swarms (optional, for popping out of an Abomination)
  • 3x Banners (everything else is painted, I just need to do something with the banner)
  • 1x Mortar Rebasing
  • Display Board
This is, I think, pretty doable.