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Infinity Table

I set up a table for Infinity in the basement over the weekend: this is all the Deadzone stuff I have (until Infestation materializes, which should be this twice again), plus some other stuff because even with all of this, it feels sparse.

I’d given it some thought and finally realized what the problem is: roads.  The roads look nice and all, but they’re a lot of empty space.  You can’t just plop buildings on roads; that’d be weird and defeat the purpose.

Then, the answer came to me: cars.  There need to be vehicles of some sort.  This solves the problem of the roads being empty, but will also add some realism.

So, that’s what I’m looking into at the moment: trying to source some vehicles that I can scatter.

I’d been planning on posting about it some time this week, but TMP just threw a post about Antenociti’s Workshop doing Infinity vehicles up, which might be great (perfect for Infinity, maybe, but I’d prefer something a little more generic and industrial-leaning) so I might as well do it now.  I’m also looking at some 1:43 trucks & tankers on eBay (the scale might be a little large, but any truck I used should be large enough to cart around those AT-43 cargo crates).

Any other thoughts for inexpensive vehicles that’ll work for 28mm as sci-fi industrial?