Historicon / NOVA Open

I’m going to Historicon this weekend!

I’m pretty excited; this’ll be my first historical wargaming.  It’s a long event: Thursday through Saturday.  Not sure how I’m going to spend all of my time… I’m signed up for two events right now, both on Saturday (“Stow on Wold”, a 28m ECW game and “Black Death at Leningrad,” a Bolt Action game), and I’m considering dropped one of them (that Bold Action game lists “Bolt Action experience preferred” and I’ve never played it.)

I figure I’ll bop around and see if anything looks interesting to just hop into.

I’ll also be answering Dave Taylor’s call to participate in the painting competition.  I won’t have anything new painted for it (I’d have to be painting for that. :/ ) but it sounds like it can’t hurt to schlep a few models down to help the competition be successful.


I’m having the damnedest time figuring out what I’m doing at the NOVA Open this year. I definitely plan to be there, but I don’t know what I’m going to do there.  I’m in a 40K playing mode… except 1) I haven’t really been playing it much, so I don’t know the rules very well, and would be One Of Those People, 2) I don’t think I have an army GT-ready, and 3) I don’t think I’m up to the schedule (#1 doesn’t help that much, either).

My best bet would maybe be my Khornate Daemons, but I haven’t even finished reading the new codex, much less updating my list… so who knows what I’d have to scrape together model-wise in the next few weeks (several of which are going to be spent out-of-state for work).

Which means I probably should play Fantasy.  I’ve always had a great time playing Fantasy at NOVA, but… I’m not really feeling Fantasy right now. Not enthusiastic about it.  Plus, I’d be taking basically the same dang army for the third year. For some reason that feels tacky.  I’m probably overthinking things.

So, I don’t know, but I’m running out of time to figure it out.