On Battlefoam’s Customer Service

Battlefoam has excellent customer service.

My first order with them went something along the lines of, “I’m boarding a plane to California in X weeks, and I’d like to take my Skaven with me.  Can you have Y at my door by at least the day before?” and, of course, they were able to manage it.

Although my most recent order with them was a little rocky, every other order’s gone smoothly and has seen great customer service.

Because the custom trays are Not Cheap… and because I keep running into a need for custom trays, I tend to overthink their composition.  For example, the Handgunner tray from my last order:

Those shapes have worked out fabulously for Handgunners, FYI.  The layout, on the other hand was close but not exactly viable (despite what I thought were careful measurements), so they had to make some changes. The final product has totally worked out, but deviates a smidge from the above.

This time, I had a bunch of stuff that needed to go into 2.5″ trays.  Rather than overthink the layout (because it didn’t really pay off last time, and because all that careful fiddling just delays my ordering), I said, “Screw it,” traced my shapes, typed up some notes, and e-mailed them away.

Those notes got longer, and longer, though, until I decided that I just had to share them here.

Where I’m going with all of this is 1) I’m aware that I can be a pain in the ass and 2) Battlefoam has excellent customer service.  If they didn’t, I wouldn’t have placed this order;  I have a pretty reasonable expectation that they’ll pull this thing together.  That’s significant, and merits noting.

Anyway, here’s the order:

Re: Order #XXXXXXX

First off, I need to apologize: I can’t help but overthink these orders, and this isn’t an exception. Sorry.

Overview of the shapes:

Shape Description Flippable? Quantity Depth Tray? Notes
A Warrior Priest FALSE 1 1.25″(1.5″) 1
B Standard Bearer FALSE 1 1.25″(1.5″) 1
C Outrider(A) FALSE 7 1.25″(1.5″) 1
D Outrider(B) FALSE 3 1.25″(1.5″) 1
E Hurricanum Top N/A 1 2.5″ 2 Reusable.4″ diameter Circle. Ignore the trace.
F Hurricanum Cart TRUE 1 2.5″ 2 Reusable?
G Luminark Cart TRUE 1 2.5″ 2 Reusable?
H Luminark Top TRUE 1 2.5″ 2 Reusable?
I TRUE 1 2.5″ ? Complication #1
J Helblaster TRUE 1-2 2.5″ ? Resuable.  Complication #1
K Helstorm TRUE 1-2 2.5″ ? Resuable.  Complication #1
L Demigryph1 FALSE 1 2.5″ 3 Complication #2
M Demigryph2 FALSE 1 2.5″ 3 Complication #2
N Demigryph3 FALSE 1 2.5″ 3 Complication #2
O Demigryph4 FALSE 1 2.5″ 3 Complication #2
P Cannon N/A 1-2 2.5″ ? Resuable.Complication #1
Q Mortar N/A 1-2 2.5″ ? Resuable.  Complication #1

Tray 1 – 1.25″ deep. Since I think that’s not an option (‘sokay), 1.5″ deep.
– A x1
– B x1
– C x7
– D x3

Fill the rest of the space with 1″ x 2 3/4″ shapes. Heck, if you can make ~half the tray look like your BF-BF-DHE tray, that’d be fabulous.

Tray 2 – 2.5″ deep
– E x1 – (I don’t know why I traced this. Just use a 4″ diameter circle, please.)
– F x1
– G x1
– H x1

Tray 3 – 2.5″ deep
– L x1
– M x1
– N x1
– O x1

Some of these shapes (F, G, H, I, J, K) are flippable. If flipping them makes things fit better: great.

Complication #1
Please add Shapes I, J, K, P, and Q to either Tray 2 or Tray 3 as possible. I’m not picky.

On the off chance there’s not enough room for everything across the two trays, that’s okay. The order in which I’d like these added, just in case: I, J, P, P, K, J, K, Q, Q

In the unlikely chance there’s room left on Tray 2 or Tray 3, just fill any remaining space with rectangles. I’m sure I can find something to use them for.

Finally, if for some extremely unlikely case you’d be able to fit E, F, G, H, I, L, M, N, O onto a single tray (which I doubt, but just in case), forget J, K, P, Q: I’ll just take the two trays (Tray 1 & the hypothetical Uber Tray 2/3).

Complication #2
I don’t even know if this is possible, but it can’t hurt to ask, right?

You’ll note that Shapes L, M, N, O are drawn in both red and blue. In a perfect world, the red shapes are 2.25″ deep, and the blue shapes 2.5″ deep. Since I’m quite confident that’s not an option, I’d love to get the material that fills those red shapes (or, failing that, the material that fills the entire shape) and I can saw away to make it work. I know I’ve gotten filler material for shapes before (in the BF-BF-1SB1PF tray) so I don’t think I’m taking crazy pills.

These Demigryphs come on an annoyingly wide base for the model.

Finally: several of these shapes are, I think, generic enough to be reusable by other folks and aren’t currently in your Custom Tray Generator. I know I’d have loved for them to be there, and if they make your lives easier and make up for the hassle that is this order: great! Shapes J, K, P, and Q are all Empire War Machine shapes; totally usable. Shapes E, F, G, H are all Empire Hurricanum and Luminark parts. They should be reusable by anyone, assuming they’re smart and magnetize the weapon components instead of fixing them in place. So, maybe reusable, maybe not.

Again, big apologies for the fussiness of this order! Let me know if you have any questions or need any clarification!



See what I mean?

Like I said: this was involved enough that I felt I needed to share it… and point out how it’s a testament to Battlefoam that I actually expect them to make it work.