Sammael & Ravenwing Librarian

2013-04-27 16.24.38

Finally, at last, the Ravenwing models I started on a bajillion years ago are done, varnished, photographed, and (now) posted.

I started out both of these models with a lot of energy, but for some reason, they both turned into total, complete slogs.

I’m not especially happy with either of them; I’m just happy to be done with them.


I bought into Dark Angels on this model when they first released it. It’s boss. Of course, for some reason I never got around to painting or really using him back when.

My new planned Dark Angels list calls for him, though, so I finally picked him back up.

It’s the metal model, of course. I’d considered selling it and replacing it with a Finecast model… but decided the hassle of dealing with metal < the hassle of repairing Finecast. I was wrong. This is too much freaking metal. Blech.

09-2013-04-27 16.31.46

08-2013-04-27 16.31.15

10-2013-04-27 16.32.09

I’m really proud of the base. I think it came out really well. It looks a lot better than a clear plastic rod, and really makes the jetbike look like it’s floating. Of course,it’s holding up 8 lbs of metal, so I’m terrified about the glue not holding. It’s actually got a freaking nail behind that wall bit.


It’s a Librarian and he’s on a bike, yep.  I feel like I did more greenstuffing on him than actually shows. I don’t know why.

01-2013-04-27 16.23.02

03-2013-04-27 16.27.59

04-2013-04-27 16.28.19

06-2013-04-27 16.28.51

07-2013-04-27 16.29.41

The arm’s magnetized, though. Force Axes > Force Swords right now, but who knows down the line?

05-2013-04-27 16.28.32

Anyway, they’re done, and I’m back to working on Tau.