Clash for the Cure – Results

Clash for the Cure went down this weekend, and it was fairly successful.  (Yes, that’s a pink ribbon mat.)

As I predicted, I didn’t do too well in the actual matchups (0-3) but, as I’d hoped, I did well with the painting.

Game 1 was against Phil‘s Chaos Dwarves.  (Weirdness: no Tomb King players, but we had two Chaos Dwarf players.)  He’s working through converting them; not using the Mantic models.  They’re looking sharp.

The game was kind of a disaster.  My dice weren’t there for me and, frankly, Withering + Blunderbusses is… pretty rough.

Yes, that’s four Plague Monks left out of thirty, after one round of shooting.  Not sure what my options there are besides, “Hope he doesn’t do it,”

Regardless, it was still a pleasant game.  Phil’s a good guy, which kept it fun.

Game 2 was against Bill’s pink High Elves.

This was a rough, back-and-forth game.

I had an insane Doomrocket shot (37″!) that, thanks to unusually considered positioning still managed to connect with a unit and be quite devastating.

Also, the Stormbanner lasted the entire game.  From the start of Turn 1 until the bottom of Turn 4 (the last turn).  That never happens.

Ultimately, the game came down to Bill’s Phoenix Guard throwing down with my Plague Monks.  Things looked grim until I ran out of Plague Monks and it was just my Priest + the Furnace’s crew vs. the few Phoenix Guard that could swing on them.  In the end, Bill pulled out a Minor Victory.

Game 3 was against Harry’s Lizardmen

We ended up running out of time on the game, but it was another tough game.

My Seer managed to make a billion Ward Saves, lasting an unreasonable number of combat rounds against his Saurus BSB.  The Slaves stuck around a good long while, too.

In the end, I charged his General with some Stormvermin, the Warlord and the BSB… which didn’t work out for me.  I caught a flank charge from his Saurus after they cleared out the slaves.  Unsurprisingly, the unit broke; costing me something like 640 VP alone.

All three games, despite being losses, were great.  I had an awesome time.

Another thing I wanted to point out was Joey’s display board:

That’s a drawer, there.  He can fit all of his non-model stuff in there.  Brilliant!  (And really good looking, too.)

So far, the even raised over $500; we’ve still got a few items that didn’t see bids that are on their way to eBay.  That means that, across the three tournaments we’ve run, we’ve raised over $7,000!

(The photo of Bill’s High Elves and Joey’s Dark Elves come by way of Harry.)