Semi-random Gaming

Skirmish with Tatars

Some ~random gaming going on:

  • Thursday, Huzzah’s Chris ran me through a Flames of War – Great War teaching/demo game.  I liked it well enough, but dang, it feels like a persnickety game.  The mini rulebook is something like 3x the length of the 7E 40K rulebook (yes, it has a ton of excellent diagrams, but that can only account for so much), and a handful of the rules feel weird (but I’m 99% sure that’s because I’m used to the way Warhammer does things and this isn’t Warhammer/40K/Bolt Action).  Still, I expect it’ll paint up lightning-fast, and, given the new wave of stuff coming out for it soonish, it sounds like it might see more play at the store, so I expect I’ll give it some more play.


  • Saturday was Frank‘s By Fire & Sword Tournament; at 12 people, it was nearly as big as the one ran at Historicon.  It’s a good game, but I think I need to 1) play it a lot more to internalize the rules (the only way I can actually get my head around a game) and 2) read the rulebook(s), each of which is the size of Gdansk and weigh as much as a Winged Hussar.  I ran the Imperial Outpost, so I brought pike & shot to a predominantly cavalry fight, and went 1/1/1. In each case, though, I could point to something I did wrong or a mistake I’d made, which is pretty much all one can ask for, right?  Anyway, it was a good time, and it sounds like Casey‘s (FINALLY) gotten his Swedes, so I expect I’ll be playing it more soon.
  • This coming Thursday, I’ll be playing Wrath of Kings with Bill, who I haven’t played with in years.  A confluence of events have conspired to put a couple of Kings of War armies (Goritsi and Hadross or, as I prefer, “werewolf dudes” and “fish dudes”), and I played a quick demo of it at NOVA.