Painting Progress – 20091201

Haven’t been making nearly the progress I’d like to; I feel like I’ve been spending too much time building and not enough time painting.  This isn’t unreasonable, considering all the new Skaven stuff, but it’s sort of been the theme for 2009.

I’ve started painting slaves.  Hopefully, I can power through and knock out half a block of them this week.  Mrs. Rushputin is awesome and gave me a Plague Furnace, a Doomwheel and a box of Stormvermin for my birthday.  I spent most of today putting together the Furnace and most of yesterday converting up a War Litter.

The War Litter

The litter itself is made from an Orc Boar Chariot, supported by fence posts from the Warhammer Manor kit.  The bearers are, obviously, Stormvermin, and the Warlord the Lustria Warlord.
I’d originally used the halberd hafts, but they didn’t raise the litter high enough to fit the stormvermin’s heads under, so I had to go to brass rods.  I think the rods lift the platform a bit too high, so I’m probably going to drop it down a quarter of an inch.
I tried building a Warlord from the Stormvermin kit, but what I got didn’t fit well in the litter. So, I went with my original plan to use one of the Lustria warlords (I really love the model).
I’m going to take one of the new clanrat banners and hang it off of the post in the back.  I’m also going to hang some shields from the front of the litter.  I’m trying to think of a few other bits I can use to bling up the litter a bit more, as well.
I’m not entirely happy with the arrangement of the stormvermin.  They look like they’re milling about beneath the litter, and not marching towards the Doom of the Elf-Things.  I feel like it’s the best I can manage, though.
Master Mutator
I’m really stoked about the all-Moulder list I’m dangerously close to fielding (more on that later).  It’s going to involve a number of Pox Rat-mounted Plague Priests; I’ve already got Nurglitch, but I’ll need another one or two.  So, I threw together a rat-mounted Packmaster; he’ll be a Master Mutator– counts as a Plague Priest.
Bonebreaker Rat Ogre

I’ve already posted this guy, but in basing the Mutator, I decided to crack a few more rocks (and my finger) and rebase the Bonebreaker Rat Ogre.  That damn arm fell off, though, and feels loose, so I might be replacing it with a different one before I paint him.

Poisoned Wind Mortar

Finished my second Poisoned Wind Mortar.  I’ve got bits to make a third, but I don’t think I’m going to any time soon.  The guy in the front is a spare old-style Jezzail barrel holder, the guy in the back is a Plague Monk.  The tank, as before, is from a Cadian Flamer and the mask is a vent from a Space Marine backpack.
I don’t like this one nearly as much as the first one, but it’s not bad.
Warp Grinder

I also finished a Warp Grinder.  I’m really stoked about it; although I don’t think I’m going to use it any time soon, I’m very happy with the conversion.
The guy in the front is a Packmaster; the one in the back is a Plague Monk.  Tank is from a Cadian flamer.  The Grinder is a Things-Catcher with a segment removed and replaced with a chunk of warpstone from… some sort of Skaven musician (not sure what exactly, though).  The center spike’s been replaced with a spearhead from the new Clanrats.  They each have old clanrat mace hands with the macehead removed replaced with Dwarfen Miner Pickaxes.  The guy in the back has a map made from plasticard.  I’m not altogether happy with the map: I might go back and make it better.
Still, very happy with the model.