Wednesday(ish) Workbench

1-2013-05-23 15.31.49

Progress proceeds (slowly) on the Tau. As you can see, I’ve got some Fire Warriors basecoated, and I’m starting in on a final test model.  I’ve put together some Pathfinders, and I’m starting in on a… I dunno. Either a Hammerhead or a Sky Ray. Both, I suppose.

2-2013-05-23 15.31.55

What I’m doing here is something I’ve wanted to do ever since deciding to revisit my Tau a few years ago: smoothing out the sides of my tanks. Devilfish carry troops, yes, but how many hatches does a Hammerhead or Sky Ray need?

Or so my thinking goes.

Instead of putting the hatches on, I’m filling the space with some 2mm plasticard (not as smoothly cut as I’d have liked) with the gaps filled in with greenstuff and the whole mess sanded super-smooth.  It feels perfectly smooth, but we’ll see what it looks like when it’s been primed.

I’m probably going to do some plasticard stuff to the back of the tank when it’s assembled. That smooth space might work on the sides, but I’m not crazy about it on the back.

Anyway, we’ll see if it works out or not next week, I expect.