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Painting Progress – 20110228

Just a quick update on what I’ve been working on.

A couple of years ago, I picked up some of the Mage Knight Dungeons Artifact sets on the stupid-cheap.  I’ve been using bits from there as objective markers ever since. On a whim, I decided to paint up one of them, to make it fit in with the cavern table.

I tried to give it some source lighting, but I don’t think I was particularly successful.  This’ll get used as a Mystic Monument for WHFB.

Had a super-lazy Sunday yesterday, which meant I got a lot of painting done.  Did a lot of work plugging away at the first octet of Pink Blood Horrors.  It’s been inexplicably slow-going however.  Slow enough that I’m trying to decide if it’d be easier to just convert and paint four Flamers instead of painting a second octet.

They’re coming out okay, though.

Finally, I got my order from Scibor in: I ordered some of their “Big Angels Shields” and, while I was placing the order, threw in some resin bases as well.

I probably should post about comparing resin bases from different manufacturers at some point.  Scibor’s, I’m sorry to say, is the least impressive.

There was also a lot of flash on the shields.  So much so that I screwed up my first shield while trying to remove it.

Anyway, it does mean I was able to finish my third Belial.  Maybe I’ll paint him after I’m done catching up with my Daemons.  Maybe I’ll just go back to painting Skaven.

Unit Filler

Although I’m still working towards the goal of getting the list I’m currently running 100% painted before I start screwing around with it and doing more units… I’m already kind of looking ahead.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to drop the Plague Furnace: it’s great, but it’s basically 150 points for Unbreakable, which is pricy.  For that much, I could easily get another horde of Slaves… and more.

Except… I still have 20 Skavenslaves to paint.  The last thing I want to do is make that 70 Skavenslaves to paint!  (It’s not like I don’t have the models… I just lack the willpower to paint that many.)

So… unit filler.  If only as a bridge until I come back and paint more Skavenslaves.  I got stuck on a conference call a couple of days ago and, while twiddling my thumbs threw these guys together.:

The one on the left’s a Steam Tank boiler I found on eBay inexpensively, with some Manor bits.  The middle, obviously, is the brazier from the Screaming Bell.  The left is some really awesome Pegasus Chemical Plant with some of the other Steam Tank bits.

I figure I can use three in a horde without too much issue:

On reflection, I probably could have cobbled together some 40×60 bases instead of the 40×40.  Maybe I’ll make a pair of them to run down the middle in each unit or something.

Even if I don’t, three per horde takes the place of 12 slaves, which saves me from having to paint almost as many slaves as I’ve already got painted (30).

Warlord on a War-Litter

This.. took a little bit, and it’s really not perfect.  But I’m very glad it’s done.  I’ve had this sucker built for well over a year (incidentally, that page is the one that still gets all the hits).

I had to paint it in sub-assemblies: the Stormvermin carrying the litter, the litter itself, and the Warlord.

The Stormvermin, particularly, were a pain to do: I had to glue them all to the base before priming: it was hard enough lining everything up without having to worry about paint jobs.

Fun fact: this will be the only Skaven character I haven’t stacked on top of some cork or slate.  I’d have loved to, but it’s already deliberately Very Tall and pinning all of these suckers through it would have been a nightmare.

I’m pleased with the Warlord.  He’s not as sharp looking as the other one I did, but he’s definitely good enough.  He’s basically the same model: Stormvermin body with the Fangleader head.  He’s got a regular shield (which is a shame, yesterday I found another one of the same shield I used on the other one… though if I’m realistic it probably wouldn’t have fit).  I gave him Warlord Spinetail‘s sword because he’ll always have some sort of magic weapon on him, and the model should reflect that somehow.

Because that didn’t feel like enough, I also gave him a whip.

I’m so-so on the banner.  The dags on the front look fine.  The ones on the back, not quite as much.  The circle looks sharp, and the rune looks good.  Overall, though, I feel like there needs to be more on there, though.  Banners are a weak spot for me… I’ve got several that I’m still putting off doing.

Since building this sucker, I’ve gone back and forth on actually using it.  I like to keep my characters cheapish, and I’ve debated whether or not I think I get my points’ worth for it.  I’ve finally decided that I do.

For the cost of 5 Stormvermin, it:

  • Functions like 4 Stormvermin… that, if it comes up, participate in his challenge.  This also means that everything else comes at the cost of a single Stormvermin.
  • Gives him +1 Sv.  I like him being harder to kill.
  • Makes him take up four spaces.  This is nice, because I like to put him in my block of Stormvermin, which I keep deliberately small for Watchtower scenarios.  It also does very interesting things in terms of character placement in his unit.  If I drop a caster in the Stormvermin unit with him, the caster cannot go in the front rank.  That’s neat.

So, ultimately, I’ve settled on it because (big picture), it doesn’t cost much for what it does while, at the same time, working very well with the unit I like to stick him in.

Painting Progress – 20110209

It’s been dead silent around here, I know.  We went on vacation last week and the trip, the lead in to it and the catching up from it has been brutal on my free time.

The Snotorious B.I.G. that smacked the tar out of my half of America on 1/26 pushed our flight back a day, though, so I managed to spend the day working a Warp Lightning Cannon.

I hadn’t planned to work on it at all: I’ve got one of the old ones painted up, and I’ve only been fielding the one.  But, I cracked the kit open to see how things fit together.  This was a mistake.  If you’re going to start clipping this model off the sprue: be prepared to assemble it.  Be warned.
Furthermore: you cannot assemble this sucker.  Not without painting it first.  You can put together sub assemblies, but if you ever plan to paint it, that’s as far as it’s going to go.
So, I kinda got stuck painting it.
It’s a great looking model, though.  I’d originally not been a big fan of how high up the cannon is, but I’ve really come around on that.  The model really feels like something that might get fielded in a battery.  It’s less of a cannon and more of an artillery piece, if that makes any sense.
Anyway, I’m really happy with it.  I just wish I hadn’t been trapped into painting it…

In the few moments I’ve found since finishing this, I’ve started on two more small projects.  
I’ve decided to paint the Warlord on the War Litter:
This thing’s going to be a pain to paint.  At least the bearers will be.  I can tell already.
I’ve also started construction on a third Belial model.  I had an order from MaxMini come in: Shoulder Pads.  They’d also thrown in a Steam Knight helmet for the heck of it… which was serendipitous.
The base is half of the Slate Wasteland’s Hero’s set from Dragon Forge.  The pauldrons and head, are from MaxMini, of course.  There’s a brass etched icon on one of the legs, and a resin Dark Angels symbol (with the sword broken) from… something from Forgeworld.  The sword is a Thunder Hammer Arm, two of the sergeant backpack icons from the DA veteran sprue trimmed and fused and worked together for the guard and a cleaned up Hellblade for the blade.
The shield will be an Assault Terminator Sergeant’s Shield: Casey is hooking me up.  I need to decide if I’m going to just use it as-is, or if I’m going to shave the iconography off and try to sculpt something.  I’d like to sculpt, but I imagine the outcome won’t be very good.
On the upside, however: I’m done making Belial models.  This guy will be Number 3.  So, I finally went ahead and magnetized the arms.
Although #1 has Lightning Claws and #2 has the Sword of Silence and Storm Bolter… I can always come back and build those for this guy.  Or if I decide I dislike the Thunder Sword or something.