Wednesday Workbench

Funny, as much time as I spent goofing around my workspace this weekend, it doesn’t really feel like I’ve gotten all that much done!

I’ve started working on Sammael, but it’s slow going. He should paint up, like, lightning-fast… but he’s such a big damn chunk of metal that I can’t mount him to a grip while I paint him. So, instead I’ve got to grip the model, which would result in paint getting rubbed off.  I don’t want that, so I’ve been hitting it with some Dullcote once a night, which translates into slow progress.

It’s good that I’m finally getting around to painting him; the Sammael model is what inspired me to pick up Dark Angels back in 4E. It’s some sort of shame that I’m only getting around to painting him now.

The base is shaping up great, though, huh?  I literally cannot get enough of Cryx Bane Base -> Cryx Bane Highlight -> Khaki -> Sepia.

Also: I converted a Librarian on a bike. I feel like I spent a lot of time screwing around with greenstuff on him and, yet, I don’t really see it on the model. C’est la vie. He’ll be done when a power axe shows up in the mail.