Genestealer Color Scheme

In between other things, I’ve trying out different color schemes, trying to settle on how I’m going to paint my Space Hulk genestealers.  I’ve got a very solid idea of how I’m going to paint the terminators already (heck, I’ve got the terminators from the last edition painted up, though I’m not sure I’d like to parade them around in public… in fact, I could field all of them as Deathwing Terminators, though the bases would cause me problems).  The ‘stealers have always given me problems.

About this time last year, I’d settled on a paint scheme for a Tyranid army that I’ve since abandoned, and really need to put on eBay (if you’re interested, let me know, I’ve got a great deal! :) ).
I’m actually very happy with the scheme: basecoat, highlights and then brushed with Minwax.  Dipping’s great for painting a huge number of space bugs, but Space Hulk has less than thirty.  Too much hassle, I think.
Plus, although I like the scheme, I’d like to make them darker, creepier, nastier.
I’ve thoroughly abused a spare genestealer I’ve had floating around (possibly/probably from the previous edition of Space Hulk), and have settled, I think, on a paint scheme.
The chitin on the leg is the scheme I’m going to use for chitin.  It’s P3 Cryx Bane Base highlighted with P3 Cryx Bane Highlight and washed with Devlan Mud thickened with some matte medium.
The flesh pretty much everywhere here is what I’ll be using for flesh.  It’s Dheneb Stone washed with Devlan Mud thickened with matte medium.
This’ll give me a nice, wicked and creepy color scheme.  Dark, dangerous and insectoid chitin and pulpy, gross flesh.
I still need to settle on how I’m painting the claws.  I’m thinking I might try Dheneb Stone washed with some sort of Badab Black.  Not sure, though.  They need to pop out and look dangerous.