Off Facebook

Just deactivated my Facebook account, and it felt pretty good.

I took a one month break from the thing about a year ago, came back to it at like 1% of my previous usage, and then dropped off entirely again shortly thereafter.

I haven’t really missed it. I’ll periodically think about going back and it just never makes sense and never happens.

I feel that, although social media makes life better in small ways (who doesn’t want to be randomly served a photo of a beloved pet, or see photos of friends’ kids?) it clearly makes life worse in very, very large ways (the active, aggressive undermining of our national discourse, the spread of vaccine misinformation that’s literally killing thousands).

It’s not worth it. Meth will make you feel good for a minute but your teeth will fall out.

So, at last: done. Account deactivated. I’m not saying I’ll never come back, but I don’t see it happening right now. No clue what that means about organizing Infinity at the store: if that ever happens again. No clue what that means about running the ODD: if that ever happens again.

Anyway, I’m here and have been a bit more active here. I’m active on Discord. My email’s the same.