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Painting Progress – 20100610

Not much to report, I’m afraid.

Painting this second quartet of Bloodcrushers has been like pulling teeth, I swear.  It’s been inexplicably hard to motivate myself to work on them.  I’ve had them assembled for over two weeks now… and they’re maybe three-quarters of the way done.

As you can see, the brass is wrapped up, but I’ve got to do pretty much everything else.  I’m hoping I can power through them later this week… just to have them done.  I’ve got 1) objective markers and 2) other stuff to work on!

Because the ‘Crushers were being frustrating, and I really felt the need to accomplish something, I painted up the Ruins of Osgiliath I picked up back when.  This is a pretty solid kit and it painted up ridiculously easily.

Sadly, I’m not posting pictures of it.  Clearly, an upcoming weekend project needs to be “Build a light box;” the color of the picture came out so damn weird, there’s no point in them.  Anyway..

I wanted to do something a little different than the Charcoal Grey -> Medium Grey -> Light Grey scheme I use with pretty much all of my other terrain, so I went with the colors I used on the base for my Dark Heresy character: P3 Cryx Bane Base -> P3 Cryx Bane Highlight -> P3 Hammerfall Khaki.  I think I went a bit too heavy with the khaki highlights, but it still came out pretty well.  It’s a lot brighter and looks older, I think.

For the wood, I did something similar: I used P3 Hammerfall Khaki as a base and highlighted it with Khemri Brown before washing over it with some Devlan Mud.  I’m extremely happy with how that came out.  I like the result enough that I’m half thinking about figuring out an army I can paint this way (more or less).

When I wrapped that up, instead of returning to the Bloodcrushers, I did some gap filling on the marine statue from the Honored Imperium kit; I’ll be doing that with metal and verdigris, so I wanted to clean up the somewhat substantial gaps in the otherwise awesome model.


Last night, I finally sat down and started mapping out a Battlefoam order for my Daemons.  I’ve been putting it off because it’s… not a small investment, but I’ve reached the end of my rope with dealing with the crappy transport solution I have for my Soul Grinders.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Battlefoam gives you too much power over what they do for you.  It’s not an understatement to say that the bulk of the reason I’ve put this off as long as I have is option paralysis: so many different things I can do in so many different ways and, because this stuff is as expensive as it is, I want to get it perfect.

I finally resigned myself to shoot for as good as possible rather than perfect and got the ball rolling.

The driving force behind doing all of this was storing the two Soul Grinders.  Bill assured me that the Soul Grinder trays would handle them just fine, but I’ve also got two Bloodthirsters I need to handle, too.  Given that all four of them are just at about 6″ even, that means I need to fit all four of them in a single tray (or I’ve got 12″ of foam dedicated to four models).  This might be a bit of a longshot.  Furthermore, I’ve also got two Bloodcrushers w/ Icons that are 5″ tall: in a perfect world, I’d fit them in the same tray, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

I wasn’t particularly confident that the generic Chaos Daemon tray would work.  Plaguebearers, maybe, but not Bloodletters with their Hellblades pointing out all over the place.  So, I did some tracing:

And realized I was being dumb.  When you do shapes that custom, you’ve always got to put the right mini back in the right slot, which is easier said than done.  I fell in this trap when I used pluck foam: by the time I really picked up steam, I’d learned that it was much easier to just use regular shapes that I could fit my minis in.  So, instead, I measured out the boxes most of them would fit in:

1.25″ x 2″ for most of them.  A few at 1.25″ x3″ and 1.74″ x4″ for the icons. Just as well I didn’t try relying on the generic tray, since that’s got a lot of 1″ x 1.75″ and 1.5″ x 2.25″ slots (plus it 1-1.5″ thick, and these trays need to be 2″ thick).  That one tray will hold my 25 Bloodletters, with room for another ~9, plus 2 more icons.

Next up are the Flesh Hounds.  They’re basically Terminator bases, which is easy, right?  Except they poke a little bit out at each end, and the custom terminator shape doesn’t really support that.  So, I had to draw up a custom shape that’s basically room for a 40mm base with some notches at either end (sort of like a Kermit the Frog’s eye, though with different proportions).  This tray also needs room for Karanak and the four objective markers (terminator bases with no overhang).  Since I wanted to check the viablility of this, I also mapped out a tray for this.

I’ll be including instructions to replace the 3″ x 2″ ovals with the Flesh Hound shapes, fitting in as many as possible.  This tray’s also got to be 2″ tall, thanks to leaping Flesh Hounds and Karanak being… not small.

That covers everything, except the Daemon Princes and Bloodcrushers.  I’ll have eight Bloodcrushers (as soon as I finish the second quartet) and three Daemon Princes.  The Crushers are 3″ tall, the Daemon Princes 3.5″ tall.  We should be able to fit six  (because we want to try to fit the two Icons in the deep tray) to eight ‘Crushers and the three princes in a single tray.

Unfortunately, this means I have 6″ + 3.5″ + 2″ + 2″ worth of foam.  That’s 13.5″ of foam: 14.5 inches if you account for the .25″ padding that’s the bottom of the tray.  Fuck.  Not only does this mean I can’t even think about going with the 12″ deep  PACK 720, I’m going to have problems fitting this into the PACK 1520.  Spread across both sub-bags, it holds 22″ of foam, but that’s with a 14″ sub-bag and an 8″ sub-bag.  At the very least, I’d be nice to fit everything in one sub-bag (and leave the other one at home… but that isn’t going to happen.

It has just occurred to me that I might be able to lay the Daemon Princes down, in which case I could do the Bloodcrushers/Princes with a 3″ tray instead of the 3.5″ tray, which would make everything fit in the bottom bag… I’ll have to trace them out and see.  I’m not optimistic that I’d be able to do that and fit everything onto the tray that I need to if I do that, however.

Of course, that assumes I can fit the Bloodcrusher Icons into the tray with the Soul Grinders and Bloodthirsters.  If I can’t, I’ve got to upgrade the 3.5″ tray to a 5″ tray.  Blech.  Then I’ve got 16″ of tray.  Of course, down the line if/when I pick up a third Soul Grinder, I’ll need to cram in another 6″ tray, which will be just about right. (Though I’ll be .25″ short on room?)

I was concerned that, if I went with the 1520, I’d be boned and be stuck with 8.5″-9″ of tray I wouldn’t know what to do with, but then I realized that I can just order the bag empty and the trays separate (as opposed to the bag with custom trays), which would let me focus on just what I need and would save me ~$45.  If I had two more custom trays that I knew I needed, then it would make sense to get the thing filled with foam (even if there were a few inches I didn’t know what to do with), since they’re $30 a pop.  Maybe I just go ahead and order the tray for the third Soul Grinder now.

Plus, I’m going to order a PACK MINI to hold RPG minis; I asked last night if I could get it without the hobby tools tray (because it’s ridiculous), and was told that I absolutely can, which is great.

I’d planned on putting the order in today, but now I feel like I need to investigate laying down the Daemon Princes, first.  So, maybe this afternoon/evening when I’m home and can put my hands on them.

(I don’t know how this blog post will read: I went back and thought out loud about eight times through it… like I said, “option paralysis.”)

Painting Progress – 20100602

Despite the long weekend, I got next to nothing done, hobby-wise.

I’d really hoped to bang out a lot of progress on my second quartet of Bloodcrushers… but it wasn’t meant to me.  They’ve been basecoated Bestial Brown, but my drybrush of Shining Gold wasn’t as thorough as I thought it was; every few minutes while highlighting the gold, I’d find another spot that needed touching up.  This would do a fantastic job of breaking my momentum.

On Monday (last Monday, not yesterday), I did manage to finish my Witchling Stalkers.

The brown is a bit more khaki than I’d like, and the red isn’t as deep, but it’ll do.  Both sections of cloth got a glaze: my first attempt at doing anything more involved than a simple wash/watered down wash.  This time, I threw in some matte medium (so it was 1:1:2 GW wash, matte medium, water).  Looking at the models, I can see no evidence of the glaze… but at the same time it was quite obvious when I set a glazed model next to an unglazed one.

For the metal, I used P3’s Armor Wash, a favorite of mine that I’ve shifted away from lately.  I threw in a little Leviathan Purple for the hell of it: I’m pleased with the result.

I also tried my hand at verdigris for the first time, using B.Smoove’s technique.  It didn’t come out all that well: not enough Goblin Green, for one, and the consistency of the whole thing was off… either too thin or not thin enough; I’m not sure.  It’ll take some more fiddling, I think.

I’ve also made some progress in how to do macro photography with my new camera; the short version is I’m going to have to build a lightbox, or these pictures are going to continue coming out funny looking.