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Flames of War – WWII

Just a quick note because this is something I talk about occasionally, but have a hard time putting good words around.  This morning, I saw this photo from Breakthrough Assault’s post about Corrivalry:

This: this is what I’m talking about.  I really like the WWI version of Flames of War. When I flip through the FoW rulebook, the stuff I see looks cool. I like the idea of playing WWII Flames of War.

But then, at the game store, I look over at people playing it, and I see the above.  That’s a parking lot of a dozen tanks, just parked like they’re at the mall, arm-in- arm, stopped inches away from as many or more artillery pieces, just hangin’ out.  This doesn’t look like fun to me, and it doesn’t look historical.

Anyway, not trying to shit on the game; just pointing to what, exactly, sticks it for me.

Huzzah Hobbies Flames of War Great War Tournament

Two weekends ago, Chris at Huzzah Hobbies ran a Flames of War – Great War tournament.  (I’ve mentioned it before.)  In addition to being glad for the motivation to just paint the living hell out of my stuff, it motivated me to get out and play a bunch of games (to figure out how to play the dang game): five might not seem like much (objectively, it probably isn’t), but I think it’s more games than anyone else at the store played in the ramp up.

Of course, I started out not-very-good about taking pictures, and got progressively worse as the day went on.  So, I’ll pretty much just Photodump:

Game 1 was the Big Push, vs Scott.  I’d built my list to Defend, but I think my unbelievably bullshit good rolling had a bigger hand in the game than anything else. That one squad repulsed something like 5 or 6 Assaults.

FoW-GW 2016 Tournament Game 1 (2)

FoW-GW 2016 Tournament Game 1 (3)

FoW-GW 2016 Tournament Game 1 (4)

FoW-GW 2016 Tournament Game 1 (5)

FoW-GW 2016 Tournament Game 1 (6)

FoW-GW 2016 Tournament Game 1 (1)

Game 2 was Dust Up, against Chris.  I feel like I screwed up in a couple of major places during this game, but the combination of my totally BS good luck and Chris’ notoriously bad luck kept things swinging my way.  In the end, though, it was a draw.

FoW-GW 2016 Tournament Game 2 (2)

FoW-GW 2016 Tournament Game 2 (3)

FoW-GW 2016 Tournament Game 2 (4)

Game 3 was Encounter, against Josh (?).  This was the most interesting of the three games, I think.  We both ended up only fighting along one half of the board, but there was a lot of maneuver, which made for a really fun game.

FoW-GW 2016 Tournament Game 3 (1)

FoW-GW 2016 Tournament Game 3 (6)

In the end, I came in second, which is pretty good. I came very close to winning all three games, but I don’t feel bad about that being ‘very close’ and not ‘actually’ because so much of that was due to an unreasonably strong hot streak with the dice.

I really like the Great War version of the game (a good thing, since I now have so much of it, and painted), and I definitely feel good about the decision to start picking up stuff to play FoW in WWII (which I know is going to be Different).

Flames of War – Great War – German Empire

FoW-GW-GE - A7V - All

Got this stuff into the lightbox yesterday.  I’d been putting off photographing the team bases, because, as we know, 15mm figures are not attractive on their own… only en masse.

Anyway, should be the last you hear about it for a bit, I promise.

Here’s the CiC, 2iC, and various weapons:

FoW-GW-GE - Weapons


The 7.7cm FK96 n.A. battery & limbers:

FoW-GW-GE - Artillery Battery

The Maxim HMG platoons, as well as the bunkers and gun nests they can deploy into.

FoW-GW-GE - Machine Guns

Some objective markers:

FoW-GW-GE - Objectives

One of the three Stoss platoons. The exercise of setting all of these up in the lightbox began to feel like a Soviet military parade, so I decided to just photograph one platoon each of the Stoss and Infanterie.

FoW-GW-GE - Stoss PlatoonFoW-GW-GE - Stoss Team

The Infanterie Platoon:

FoW-GW-GE - Infanterie PlatoonFoW-GW-GE - Infanterie team

And, finally, a photodump of the final, weathered, A7Vs.

FoW-GW-GE - A7V - 63 RightFoW-GW-GE - A7V - 63 LeftFoW-GW-GE - A7V - 63 FrontFoW-GW-GE - A7V - 63 Rear

FoW-GW-GE - A7V - 61 RightFoW-GW-GE - A7V - 61 Left FoW-GW-GE - A7V - 61 FrontFoW-GW-GE - A7V - 61 Rear

FoW-GW-GE - A7V - 06 RightFoW-GW-GE - A7V - 06 LeftFoW-GW-GE - A7V - 06 FrontFoW-GW-GE - A7V - 06 Rear

FoW-GW-GE - A7V - 03 RightFoW-GW-GE - A7V - 03 LeftFoW-GW-GE - A7V - 03 FrontFoW-GW-GE - A7V - 03 Rear

Flames of War – Great War Progress


On my way out the door to a conference, I snapped a quick status shot of the Great War Germans I’ve been working on.

I’d gotten stopped up a little bit, as I took on too large of a batch at once (and not helped by including the 7.62cm Krupp IGs in the batch), but finally managed to squeeze it out. Now, I’m back on track painting up infantry platoons, which move along very, very quickly. Especially given that I’ve gotten pretty good about moving on to the next step on the next batch while wash is drying on my current batch means that when [Current Batch] is just about done, [Current Batch+1] is halfway done.

Anyway: wrapping up my third Infanterie platoon, making tracks on my first Stoss platoon. Those’ll be a little different, since I’ll be painting their helments with buntfarbenanstrich to help distinguish them from the regular infantry bases. We’ll see how much of a pain in the ass that’ll be, but overall: the Stosstruppen should paint up very, very quickly. Then it’s some A7Vs and horse-drawn limbers and I’m 100% painted with all of them.

It’s been hugely inspiring to just bang these out: inspiring enough to motivate me to pick up some of the new FoW Pacific USMC. Not a lot, but a non-zero amount.