Saga Dice Holder

I got frustrated by all the different sets of Saga dice I have so I made a holder for them.

Each set gets a little tray

They’re magnetized so they stick together. There are some on the side so the max needed at any time can clip together.

And they slot and stick together.


I’ve been in a real slump with this Skaven junk, so I’m biting on the Corvus Belli OP@Home Painting Challenge.

This’ll get me painting my first Infinity models since the pandemic, and getting a W on the board. Then maybe I can return to these turkeys.


These guys are coming along slowly because I tend to think of project length in terms of calendar weeks, not man-hours.

Hopefully I’ll have them done this weekend.


Hoping to be done with this project for the time being this weekend. A little sick of painting Orcs. This is all that’s left.

This is all that’s been done so far.