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Monsterpocalypse Storage

I should have posted about this back in March (when I set the thing up) or a month ago (when the Kickstarter was running), but I’m lazy.

As much as I dislike Privateer, I actually like Monsterpocalypse a fair amount. I’m a sucker for the subject matter, and the game itself is a fun little thing. But: if you’re not doing foam, it’s kind of a bastard to store and transport because everything is on these clear acrylic bases.

The clear bases make sense when you consider how much of a boardgame the thing is and how you really do need to be able to see beneath the model (though I’m not sorry that the Mythic version has dumped it in favor of just normal plastic bases). Clear acrylic that’s only 3mm thick isn’t exactly conducive to magnetization.

So, I did what I did for Aeronautica Imperialis: I rigged up slots for the monsters and buildings to rest in.

They’re designed to rest inside of 11L Really Useful Boxes. I wasn’t able to track these down without just having to order them from RUB directly, but they had the best length x width for fitting a useful number of bases with a useful amount of space around each of them and the best height to be tall enough for these models without being too tall. They also come in regular and XL versions: same footprint but 91mm and 125mm deep internally, which further helps with the tall enough but not too tall requirement.

(I spent a lot of time noodling through the dimensions of their boxes.)

The slots are tall enough that nothing should shift, short of tossing the thing down the stairs or just shaking the dang thing.

I’ve also got some MDF apartment buildings from Phalanx Consortium (that are really great, if only because they were exponentially easier to paint than any other MonPoc building), so I put together little spacers for those to rest in because I didn’t bother mounting them to acrylic bases.

I haven’t done these for the minions, yet. I really should, and will likely get around to it before Mythic’s actually shipped anything. Foam works pretty well for them, since the 1″ foam slots hold the 30mm wide bases pretty snugly without grinding up against the models themselves… but why not? might as well make everything consistent.

I’ve published these to Cults: Monsterpocalypse Spacers.

It Came from the Lightbox: Monsterpocalypse

I’ve been powering through painting Monsterpocalypse and am, for the moment, fully painted. I haven’t been doing my best on them, to be honest; I’m just trying to get them painted quickly so I can play with them.

I’ve posted these guys before, but have added more units and the second Planet Eater monster since. I’m quite pleased with them; I think the colors are effective and the sharp lines of the armor really worked well with the airbrush.

I like and hate these guys. I think the color choices are strong here, but the execution is shit. I went about these guys absolutely the wrong way, and that meant they took three times longer than they should have.

I haven’t picked up the Cthul monsters yet, but the units painted up in no time at all.

I also picked up the Protectors starter. I probably won’t go further down this rabbit hole, but I’m pleased with how they came out. They’re painted Citadel-style: basecoat, wash with Agrax, clean up basecoat with same colors, highlight.

The buildings were a huge pain. Airbrushing them worked okay… except windows SUCK to paint. They are hell. The skyscraper back there looks like I was having a seizure while painting them. I finally gave up on getting them any better and just moved on.

Special shout-out to Phalanx Consortium for their Apartment Buildings. Not only were these a breeze to paint (I got to paint the windows before building them!), but they literally delivered overnight. I ordered them on a Thursday and they were in-hand that Friday.

Monsterpocalypse – Planet Eaters

I bought up some MonPoc when the game first released, but didn’t get the chance to play it more than twice.   I love giant monster movies, so it’s very much in my wheelhouse.

Even though I don’t expect to get the chance to really play it, I picked up a starter for the new version anyway because I like the idea of the game so much.

I painted everything I had up this past weekend.  This was a speed-paint job: I did the airbrushing of the armor plates last weekend, then blew through the flesh on Sunday.  It could be better, but I’m very satisfied with the effort to result ratio here.

Also, now I’ll be able to play the game (or not).

I’ve got a new phone, so a new camera, and it did weird things with colors in response to my usual backdrop.  I took these in front of the white, and they came out more true, but still weird.

Work to be done, clearly.

Not much going on here.  The armor is:

  • GW Stegadon Green
  • GW Thunderhawk Blue
  • VMC Dark Blue Grey
  • VMC Blue Grey Pale

Everything airbrushed on going for contrast save the Blue Grey Pale, which was edged on with a brush.  I also inked in around mouths with thinned GW Incubi Darkness

The flesh is lazy; just trying to not draw the eye away from the armor:

  • VMC Dark Grey
  • GW Stormvermin Fur
  • VMC Neutral Grey
  • GW Dawnstone

All drybrushed on.