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More Red Blok Thoughts

I keep forgetting rules that my units have.  Must, must keep that from happening.

  • Tymofieva’s Interference rule (when she activates, I pick a card in my opponent’s sequence and put it somewhere else).  It’s not amazing or anything, but when I’m paying for it, I should use it.
  • Vrachov’s Grenade Pistol.  He doesn’t have an Assault Rifle like the other Krasnye he rolls with; he’s got a mini-grenade launcher.
  • Odin O-1 & Manon O-2’s Mechanic ability.  They get to repair two boxes per activation.
  • Assault Rifles are 1/1.  Not 1/0.  That’s kind of freaking important.

I also can’t shake the feeling that we’re not doing cover right.  It seems like I should be basking in the warm glow of cover saves a lot more often than I actually am; last night we used Frostbite maps, and it wasn’t really happening.  I think it’s probably because we’re not correctly establishing the Zone of Fire.

Type 3 Infantry is very hard to take down.  I was unprepared for this.  Chris’ Cog Type 3’s were functionally invincible, and my Dragomirov Kolossi were awfully resilient until Bane Goliath’s opened up on them.

I’ve been unimpressed with my Dragonov Kommandos.  Sniper doesn’t work on heroes, apparently?  Electronic Warfare is useful, but no so much that I’m not sure I can’t get more mileage out of some other unit in that slot.

Still, I’ve hardly played any actual games.  More play will tell me more.

Making Sausage

Mostly just thinking out loud here:

With the Bubonic Court and, according to rumors, the new Skaven book, I can take Plague Monks as Core. It’s probably ill-advised, but what the heck:
Plague Monkapalooza
Bubonic Court of Nurglitch – 2,000 points
Lords & Heroes
Plague Lord Nurglitch
Plague Priest – BSB, Storm Banner
Festering Chantor – Plague Censer, Dispell Scroll x2
  • Plague Monks x25 – Full Command, Extra Hand Weapon, War Banner
  • Plague Monks x25 – Full Command, Extra Hand Weapon
  • Plague Monks x25 – Full Command, Extra Hand Weapon
  • Plague Censer Bearers x10
  • Plague Censer Bearers x10
  • Rat Spawn
AT-43 is also on the top of my mind, since I’ll be playing it in a few hours. Mind you, I’m sure none of these are good and, if they are, they’ve probably been done to death at this point. This is mostly mental sausage-making as I try to process the game. Expect more!
One list I’ll be able to easily run when my final orders come in is:
Red Block – Supra
  • Dragonov Kommandos x9 – Sergeant, Sniper Gun x3, Electronic Warfare x2
  • Dragonov Groupa S
  • Krasnye Soldati x15 – Vrachov, Rocket Launcher x3, Medic x2
  • Dragomirov Kolossi – Dragomira
  • Sierp x3
Or maybe even drop the Krasnye Soldati and replace them with even more Dragonov Kommandos.
The list I plan to run this evening (at first, at least) is:
Red Block
  • Krasnye Soldati x14 – Vrachov, Rocket Launcher x3, Medic x2
  • Krasnye Soldati x12 – Tymofieva, Grenade Launcher x3, Mechanic x2
  • Dragonov Kommandos x9 – Sergeant, Sniper Gun x3, Electronic Warfare x2
  • Sierp x2 – Sergeant
  • Urod
I’d like to work up a list that lets me load up on Kolossi… but it just ain’t happening at 2,000 points. The list that gives me the most options there is Frontline and, with that, I need to ensure that I have enough AFVs to stick around… and it’s tough to find points for both those and TacArms with only 2,000 points to spend.

Red Block List – First Cut

Got the big shipment of Red Blok stuff in the mail yesterday. I was suprised by the quality of the army box; you could bludgeon someone unconscious with the box alone. It’ll also be nice to have a spare Odin & Manon to experiment touching up.

Also, I had a total brainfart and, in thinking I was ordering three Dragomirov Kolossi, I ended up ordering three boxes of Dragomirov Kolossi. It was a stupid mistake, and I’m really not sure how I made it: I was probably focusing on Lt. Dragomira O-3, who’s pretty much the same thing and comes one figure to the box. Given how much it would cost to return the extra two to the War Store… I’d only end up saving about $10 anyway. So, I’ll keep them (unless anyone local wants some, in which case let me know!).
I’ve started playing around with lists for the game. For fun, I made one that uses all of the Dragomirov Kolossi. It’s probably a wildly bad list… but what the heck?
Red Blok – Frontline
  • Kozni
  • Hetman
  • Dragomirov Kolossi x3 – Lt. Dragomira
  • Dragomirov Kolossi x3 – Sergeant
  • Dragomirov Kolossi x3 – Sergeant
I could just use the list from the Army Box… but I’m leery of putting the Dotch Yaga into a 2,000 point game, for the same I reason I don’t like running Land Raiders: too many points!

Instead, the list I plan on running initially will be a mite heavy on infantry and a bit light on striders… but I think it’ll be alright.

Red Blok
  • Urod
  • Kraznye Soldati x12 – Captain Vrachov, Medic x2, Grenade Launcher x3
  • RPG Soldati x12 – Sergeant, Medic x2, MGauss x1
  • Dragonov Kommandos x9 – Sergeant, Electronic Warfare x2, Sniper x3
  • Dragomirov Kolossus x4 – Lt. Dragomira

I could take three MGauss weapons in the RPG Soldati… but I don’t have the models and I’m unlikely to buy another two attachment boxes simply for the the MGauss bearers. Without much headache, I could replace the four Dragomirovs with three Strielitz and use the left over points to turn the MGauss into three rocket launchers, which I do have the models for. This is a start, though.

Space Commies (Not Tau)

I’ve finally given in and ordered the Red Blok armybox. I’d put it off for a while, but since some friends have loaded up on AT-43, I figured I’m certain to be able to get to finally play the game.
I hardly know what I’m doing with the game, but I’ve got some options to play around with.
What I’ve got right now:
  • Odin & Mannon
  • LT Dragomira
  • Tymofiyova
  • 3 Strielitz Kolossus
  • 14 Kraznye Soldati (Unit + Attachment)
  • 12 Dragonov Kommandos (Unit + Attachment)
  • 1 Nakovalny (Kozni)
  • 1 Hetman (Urod)
What I’ll have when the order comes in:
  • Vrachov
  • Another Odin & Manon
  • 20 Krazny Soldati (inc. 4 Grenade Launchers, 2 Medics, 2 Mechanics, 2 Officers)
  • 14 RPG Soldati (Unit + Attachment)
  • 6 Dragonov Kommandos (1 Sniper, 1 Electronic Warfare Specialist, 1 Medic, 1 Officer)
  • 3 Dragomirov Kolossus
  • 1 Hetman (another Urod)
  • 1 Dotch Yaga
The contents of the box alone guarantees me 2,000 points. I’ve got a ton of infantry, but I’m light on armor; only one light walker and two heavies.

Red Blok Party

Man, that Red Blok army box is almost too good a deal to resist.

I’ve had a shoebox of AT-43 stuff for quite some time, but honestly have never really played it. The Dotch Yaga so awesome, though, that I don’t think I care!