I haven’t been able to spend nearly as much time working on my Xi Guan terrain as I’d like. It’s frustrating, but I’m starting to find a groove and hopefully I can build up some momentum so I’m not sinking months into it.

The two clinics are 90% assembled at this point. Once they’re all built, they’ll get varnished and grimed. I’ve got another six to paint and build (advice to do it in that order: extremely good advice), and then two Top Down Terrain buildings to get through.

Also got, and built, Necromunda this weekend. Debating trying to paint up a gang now, before everyone’s moved on from the game, but I don’t want to lose momentum on the terrain.  (They’re on square bases, because I plan to paint the bases separately.  But, really, if you’re going to have a 90° sight arc, you should probably be on a square base.)