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It Came from the Lightbox: Bushido Ryu

Semi-locally, Bushido’s picking up some more heat which has forebrained it for me. One of the ways this manifested was an impulse to paint up the older Bushido 3E starter. It comes with 3 Ryu and 3 Ito models, and it’s kind of a good little demo box.

It Came from the Lightbox: Bushido Minimoto

I finally got around to painting the second wave of Minimoto models (and a couple of ronin available to them). Most of them have been assembled for, uh, most of a year and boy were they frustrating in a really surprising way.

I got some new glasses a few weeks ago and it is very clear that I really needed them when I built these models. Every time I looked, I found a new mold line that I’d completely failed to notice and address when I put them together.

Hopefully the new specs keep there from being a repeat.

Unrelated to Bushido: I printed off some Chronomantic Cogs and painted them up in a minute.

It Came from the Lightbox: Wolf Clan

I picked up the new Shiho Wolf Clan models for Bushido when they went up for sale during Adepticon, and knocked them out last week.

They’re a far, far cry from perfect (they’re pretty phoned in, to be honest), but “Done > Perfect” has been the theme for my 2020 hobby, and I kind of like the fairly limited palette here. They’re painted, now, and I can feel comfortable building the next round of Minimoto to put into the painting queue.

Minimoto & Ronin Group

It Came from the Lightbox: Bushido Minimoto

I painted these up over the summer and never posted them. So, here they are!

I chose Minimoto because it was a small faction, so it was kind of easy to just get everything and paint it (relatively) all at once.

Minimoto Starter box
Minimoto Supplemental units
All the Minimoto models
All of the Ronin available to Minimoto (minus a couple I couldn’t get my hands on)
Bushido painted group shot
These are most of the objectives I painted for Bushido, plus the same Tanuki statue that inspired my Infinity table
The table I built for Bushido: mat is cut down from a FAT mat, the buildings are from Sarissa Precision, and the vegetation from random Amazon sellers.