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Necroumnda - Enforcer Ogryns

It Came from the Lightbox: More Genestealer Cults & Necromunda

Early last year, I painted up a few kits of Genestealer Cults because I felt like it. I told myself maybe I’d play Kill Team with them, but really: they’re neat models and I felt like painting them. In the end, I picked up a few more Genestealer Cult models than I ended up painting and they’ve been rattling around the shame pile since.

No longer!

They’ve all gotten LoF arcs in the off-chance I actually play Necromunda with them at some point.

Actolyte Hybrids

Can I just say: Genestealers on 25mm bases are tall, unbalanced and weird. Genestealers on 32mm bases are unimpeachable. They’re flawless. I love them.

Iconward & Genestealers

I also banged out the box of Slave Ogryn models in pretty speedy time: I did 2 each for my Goliaths and Enforcers and then 2 more just in their own scheme. I also painted up the Enforcer Null & robo dog.

Goliath Necromunda Ogryns
Enforcer Necromunda Ogryns
Unaligned Necromunda Ogryns
Scrutinator-Primus Servalen

Oh and hey somehow I never put the Ambots on the lightbox.

It Came from the Lightbox: Goliath Backup

I’ve been painting Necromunda because why not? Hopefully I’ll be able to play the dang game after the Quarantimes have ended.

I actually tee’d all of these up like a month ago but got really disheartened by how they were coming along. I’m glad I came back to them: I think they actually came out really well.

The Sumpkroc is based on a toad we see every night while walking the dogs.

Necromunda - Enforcers

It Came from the Lightbox: Necromunda Enforcers

I feel like I need to defend the decision to paint these guys. I don’t know that I can, besides noting that I’d bought them before the police violence had gotten out of control, they’re fundamentally just another gang, and I just like felt like painting them.

I’m loving the blue here. I love the blue so much I’ve decided to paint up a bunch of Crimson Fists because I need to live in it some more.

Necromunda - Goliath Gangers

It Came from the Lightbox – Necromunda Goliaths

Finished the gangers; here they are.

They turned out pretty well, I think.  I used the Warhammer TV painting guide because I didn’t really want to think through how to paint them.

I went a little off-script in painting a couple of them black: I’m still not happy with my approach to African skin, but I’m not going to dial in on one that works great unless I keep trying.  I also painted their eyes, and toned their faces, ’cause that’s what I do.  Finally, I gave a couple of them some tattoos.

I regret not drilling out their weapon barrels.  I normally do that, didn’t, and I think they suffer for it.  At least, I’ll have to go back in and dot some black barrel holes on them, I guess.  It also wouldn’t kill me to go in and freehand some stuff in white on the red armor.