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It Came from the Lightbox: Ogres and Gotrek

Not really painting these for any reason but to paint them: Gotrex, the new Ogre character, some extra Cursed City minis I got back when that came out.

Ogor Mawtribes Army

It Came from the Lightbox: Ogre Kingdoms

No, I’m not going to call them “Ogors.”

These were kind of an impulse project: something to work on while locked down. The likelihood that I’ll ever actually play Age of Sigmar is pretty low but hey: now I can. I expect that’ll be the theme for my time in isolation.

A little as I feel drawn to play Games Workshop games, it truly is a delight to paint their models. Corvus Belli makes some gorgeous models, too, but I don’t get quite the same joy from painting Infinity models as I do GW models.