So, I finally got around to ordering Stars of Iniquity (along with a few other books), expecting a Renegade Crowns for the grim darkness of the far future.

It’s not quite that: there’s no turning the crank and having a sector plop out… but it does generate star systems and everything below that. So close.

I had President’s Day off, and the primer was drying on my Leviathan Crusader, so I grabbed some dice and paper and gave it a try.

There’s a lot of chicken scratch involved that I won’t try to replicate/articulate, but here are the final results. Room for names, particulars and such to be inserted.

Haven system, Stellar Anomaly
Vigorous Star
Inner Reaches

  • Dust Cloud

Primary Biosphere

  • Rocky Planet (A)

Outer Reachers

  • Gas Giant (B)
  • Asteroid Belt (4 Mineral Resources)
  • Asteroid Cluster (1 Mineral Resources)

Rocky Planet (A) (Primary Biosphere)
Small & Dense, High Gravity
Atmosphere: Moderate, Tainted
Climate: Temperate, Verdant
Orbital Features:

  • Lesser Moon (No Resources)

Landmasses: Single

  • Plains – Fertile
    • Crater
    • Cave Network x2
    • Inland Sea
    • Reef
  • Plains – Extreme Temperature, Fertile
    • Canyon
    • Mountain
    • Volcano x2
  • Wasteland – Expansive
    • Canyon
    • Cave Network


  • Apex Predator – Adapted
  • Behemoth – Impossible Grace
  • Shadowed Stalker – Vanisher


  • Eldar – Orbital Habitation
  • Ornamental Minerals (46)
  • Ornamental Minerals (31)
  • Radioactive Minerals (31)

Gas Giant (B) Outer Reaches
Gas Giant, Powerful Gravity
Orbital Features:

  • Lesser Moon (29 Resources)
  • Moon (C)
  • Moon (D)
  • Lesser Moon (No Resources)
  • Debris Ring
  • Moon (E)
  • Debris Ring
  • Lesser Moon (35 Resources)
  • Dust Ring