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Hellpit Abomination, Part 4

I’m not entirely happy with it, but I’m done with it!  
I finished converting my Hellpit Abomination nearly 20 months ago (and over a year before GW put out the kit).  I’d taken some stabs at laying some paint down on it, but nothing serious until last week.  

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Hell Pit Abomination, Part 3

I’m done!  Sculpting, at least.
The fur looks a little monolithic, but I think it’ll be sufficiently broken up and interesting once painted: there are a lot of boils and horns and such in there.
There are a couple of spots (specifically beneath the middle arms on each side) where things are going to look a little… odd… but they’re only visible from underneath and hey, it’s a mutant, right?
Not much to say past that; I’m priming it (and a clanrat) tonight.  Hope to have it painted by the weekend.

Also, because Bill Donovan’s an unimaginative, kilt-wearing bastich who accused it of looking like a chia pet on account of the overabundance of green:

It should look something more like this in a week or so.

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Hell Pit Abomination, Part 2

I’ve made a point of making progress on the Hellpit Abomination every day, since I know it’s going to take forever.

It is, indeed, taking forever.  I’ve got to work in relatively small patches (roughly 1″x1″) for fear of smooshing what I’d just sculpted.  My hope is to have it done in time for the new armybook.  At the very least, it’ll be done before I actually get to play with the new armybook.

Items of note: I added two scrabbly, tiny little arms up front.  I think they add a lot: it balances the model better, I think, and makes me think of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.  I’ve added some buboes, of course, and sculpted the ears.  I’m not sure how I feel about the ears: individually, I think they both work well, but I’m not sure I feel that they go together.  It’s complicated by the head being turned: I have room to put one ear back, but the other has to be folded, a bit, against the shoulder.

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Hell Pit Abomination, Part 1

Finally got the head for my Hellpit Abomination last night: I had to trade an armored dragon’s head for an unarmored one.
That accomplished, I quickly prepped and glued it last night.  This afternoon, I glued it onto the body.
The head is from the Hight Elf Dragon kit; the tongue is a spike from the Chaos Spawn kit.  The body belongs to a Stegadon and the arms are, quite clearly, from Rat Ogres.  The tail is a tentacle from the Lifeleech Otyugh I’d originally planned on using as my Abomination.
As you can tell, I’m going to need a great deal of greenstuff to make this work: to fill gaps and add hair.  I’ll also have to do a bit of sculpting: I’ll need to extend the rings of the tail up onto the model a bit, lengthen the claws to be wicked and ratty and sculpt some ears.